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November 16, 2018

Tarrafal (also: Mangui or Mangue) is a city in the northern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. In 2010 its population was 6,656. It is a fishing port situated on the northwestern coast. It constitutes the seat of the Tarrafal Municipality.


 Things to do

King Fisher Village, Address: Ponto de Atum, Tarrafal 7110, Cape Verde, Phone: +238 266 10 07 Website

Concentration Camp Colonia Penal de Tarrafal, Address: Chao Bom, Tarrafal, Santiago 7110, Cape Verde

Rotxa Skribida Hiking and Tours, Address: Tarrafal de Sao Nicolau, Sao Nicolau 3121, Cape Verde, Phone: +238 994 51 46 Website

Silver Beach on Santiago Boat Tours & Water Sports, Address: Cabana di Louis Ribeira da Prata, Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde, Phone: +238 917 85 20 Website

Soul Tours Cabo Verde, Address: Ponta d’Atum, Tarrafal, Santiago 7110, Cape Verde, Phone: +238 917 85 20 

Tarrafal Island Tour Casa Strela, Address: Ponta de Atum | Casa Strela B&B, Tarrafal, Santiago 7110, Cape Verde, Phoe: +238 917 85 29



The city is situated by the Baía de Tarrafal, at the foot of 643 m high Monte Graciosa. Tarrafal is at the northern end of two main roads to Praia in the south, one leading through Assomada and São Domingos (EN1-ST01), the other along the east coast through Calheta de São Miguel and Pedra Badejo (EN1-ST02).





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